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MRSA and silver




Precious Metals Technology Aids Health Care
New Fabric Recognised To Kill MRSA
Silver, recognised as one of a small group of precious metals since records began, is about to be deployed in a new, creative and important application in the world of Health Care.
Following many years of R&D, supported by intensive clinical trials, Toray Textiles is making medical-silver technology available to health care professionals across the
UK through its range of 'X-Static' silver containing woven fabrics.
MRSA Bacteria Killed

Fabrics containing silver threads in carefully controlled ratios have been proven to provide significant improvements in several areas of patient care including their ability to completely kill the MRSA and vMRSA bacteria on contact. Cross-contamination through airborne, nurse-to-patient and patient-to-patient, mechanisms can therefore be effectively and simply managed.
Toray is the only woven textile manufacturer given the go-ahead by the NHS Rapid Review Panel for the X-Static silver fibre used in their fabrics for bedding, sheeting, surgical gowns and drapes, recognising the unique contribution to health care available through use of these products.
Marketed under the banner of 'See it Safe', Toray's series of fabrics contain highly visible, pure silver yarn threads. This unique design concept provides immediate visible confirmation that the product is in use in designated areas and is actively working to assist in the health-care process.
99.9% Eradication of Harmful Bacteria in Under One Hour
Eighteen years of R&D lie behind the Toray fabrics which, through the presence of silver yarn, have been proven to eradicate 99.9% of over 800 micro-organisms in analyses conducted in accordance with the relevant standards and testing procedures. Toray Safe is proactive not reactive and, through ionisation of the silver atoms, effectively eliminates microbial activity and destroys all harmful entities.
Additional Noted Benefits
In addition to these high levels of anti-microbial activity, the silver yarn also provides several other associated benefits. As examples, odour producing bacteria are inhibited by the silver itself, while the silver ions combine with ammonia and denatured proteins to yield odour reduction.
As silver is the most electrically conductive element known, any electrical charges present as a result of non-conductive materials rubbing together are instantly dissipated. 'See it Safe' fabrics therefore remain free of all
electrical static. The resultant static-free area generated will not attract bacteria or skin squamae, which are potential carriers of harmful microbes.
'See it Safe' fabrics also offer advantageous thermodynamic qualities, in addition to their electrical properties. Silver is thermally the most conductive and reflective element, and Toray products therefore assist in temperature regulation. Patients are effectively kept cool in hot climates and body heat loss is restricted in cool climates. Finally, Toray fabrics also assist in the treatment of bed sores, where their function is dual purpose - killing bacteria and promoting the healing process through magnetic force.
Suitable For Hospitals, Health Centres and Care Homes
Available in a range of weaves, colours, thickness and silver yarn content, the range of 'See it Safe' fabrics has been designed to cover a multitude of applications within hospitals, health care centres, nursing and care homes. The ratio of silver yarn within fabrics is carefully controlled within optimised limits and can be adjusted to yield best fit for purpose. For example, wound wrappings would contain different silver content to ward curtains and bed screens.
Cost-Effective MRSA Treatment
Research undertaken by Toray confirms that its range of silver-containing 'See it Safe' fabrics represents a major advance for use in all health care environments. Each fabric offers a visible confirmation that due diligence procedures are being adhered to against the proliferation of disease causing bacteria.
According to Mark Andrews, Toray Textiles Business Group Leader, published figures show the average cost of treating a patient falling victim to MRSA during exposure within a hospital environment is 7,000, compared to 2,000
for a non-infected patient. 'As such, there are significant economic as well as best practice advantages to specifying See it Safe fabric from Toray. The precious metals they contain really do help save precious lives,' he states.

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