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Christmas Excess


Fifty million Brits admit they will eat to excess on Christmas Day - and they don’t care.

Almost 85 per cent of men and women see December 25th as a license to eat non-stop from the moment they wake up to the moment they fall asleep, according to new research.

And a survey of 1,500 Brits carried out by Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce found we consume a staggering 5,551 calories during Christmas Day on average.

Government recommendations say our daily calorie intake should be 1940 calories per day for women and 2550 for men.

This means Brits consume nearly THREE times the amount of calories they should.

In order to burn off all those calories, you would have to run a marathon – TWICE!

Half of those questioned said they will keep on eating even when they are full and one in four people claimed the festive grub is their favourite part of the day.

Jamie Robinson, spokesperson for Ocean Spray UK, said: “ “We all know that Christmas is a great time to enjoy good food with family and friends.  To have a happy and healthy Christmas by all means indulge yourself but try not to over-indulge- you'll feel a lot better for it!” .”

Experts say the excess calorie consumption could mean Brits are damaging their health by piling on the pounds.

Although research by the British Heart Foundation and the University of Glasgow suggests a long walk before a fat-laden Christmas dinner could help.

But two-thirds of people surveyed admit they do no exercise at all on December 25.

And a shameless 71 per cent say they refuse to limit what they eat throughout the day.

Respondents also listed other items they like to indulge in, pushing their calorie intake even higher. These included beer, brandy, truffles, pate, pork pie, whisky, Turkish delight, sugared almonds, cheese straws and Christmas cake.


Christmas Day Calories


Scrambled eggs 100

Black pudding 80

Baked beans 75

Two pieces of bacon 64 x 2 = 128

Two slices of toast 88 x 2   = 176

Two sausages 73 x 2 = 146

Cup of tea/coffee 30

Glass of champagne 89

Glass of orange juice 88

Five chocolates 5 x 36 = 180

Handful of crisps 100

Handful of nuts 240

Satsuma 25

Chocolate money 5 x 36 = 180

Total = 1637



Prawn cocktail 350

Three slices of turkey 45 x 3 = 135

Three roast potatoes 3 x 43 = 129

Five brussel sprouts 84

Two parsnips 19 x 2 = 38

Four carrots 20

Stuffing 231

Swede 50

Gravey 17

Cranberry sauce 45

Bread sauce 42

Two sausages wrapped in bacon 215

Christmas pudding with brandy butter 423

Mince pie 185

Cup of coffee 20

Two biscuits 200

Two glasses of white wine 87 x 2 = 174

A glass of sherry 68

Cheese and biscuits 394

Total = 2820



Rest of the day:

Chocolates 5 x 36 = 180

Mince pie 185

Fruit 60

Cream liquor 129

Cold meats 45 x 2 = 90

Turkey sandwich 450

Total =1094


Overall total = 5551




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