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Incinerators - are WMD's?
Dr Dick van Steenis


Summary. RIBA (London), 31 January, 2005 by Dr. Dick van Steenis MBBS
Updated 23 September 2005.

1853 Dr John Snow proves cholera from Broad St pump not "ODOURS" (used by EA 1996-) 

1920s & 1930s Rockefeller runs Standard Oil =Exxon (some capital from Rothschild Bank) and buys American Cancer Soc and invests in eugenics (Cold Spring Harbor) & IG Farben etc. 

US War Office told PM1s most lethal to man & effects through body 

Pollution studies of 550,000 people (Dockery & Pope etc) 

USEPA PM2.5 rule. Prosecutions 2000 & 2001 (following Health Effects Inst report May 2000 & Death Disease & Dirty Power report Oct 2000) of 10 power co, 6 oil co. & steel co. 

Sept 2003
White House Report shows savings of $193BN from PM2.5 cleanup relating to just hospital savings & days off work savings, clearly mostly since 1997 rule, & 7 times investment cost. Okopol report 1999 & USEPA both agree Spend 1,1 save E6 NHS C4 Social costs. Compare UK health probably best 1994/5 but downhill under Blair/Prescott with 2000 IPPC downgrading of BAT to anything will do, just to maximise profit. Also unlimited imports of world hazardous waste mixed into "fuel" and for disposal by incineration. UK & importerd radioactive waste incinerated by 34 incin. England/Wales eg Grundon,Colnbrook (1990-)

Industry heavily influences UK-policies
Many committee members & lobbyists in pay of Glaxo etc. Wyeth/ABPI control health & vaccine programs. Govt. has mandated so drug co. freed of litigation. Selenomethionine etc. banned Aug. 2005. Govt. & industry control Guys PU now Health Protection Agency, who advise public health drs.& PCTs. Their "knowledge" is at least 64 years out of date. Birth defect data and cancer registers have been fraudulently massaged down and real causes of death altered. So-called studies are often fraudulent by fiddling data, dates, areas or controls, and omitting key references. Govt.check & censor media & UK medical & scientific journals. Truth is hidden, only is spin allowed. Subsidiary of BP/Amoco Oil Co. set up FoE c.1973 to protect oil cartel etc.& to control action groups (3 x 2000pa each) = 642000 of 8.1m income 2002. Many patient "charities" are controlled by drug co. donors and refuse to look at causes of the illness for which they collect money. Blair gave judges 1.5million each pension fund (possibly causing loyalty conflict of interest), Blair's crony Hodge runs Legal Aid. Solicitors have been influenced to lose cases. NHS Whistle blowers have been sacked or suspended.

Result ,46bn spent on NHS 1996 risen to 67bn 2005 (plus trust overdrafts plus capital savings less fees on PFI hospitals etc) meaning 11bn above inflation with only 1.5% extra output meaning 11bn extra costs from pollution due to "Tony's cronies" on top of previous 19bn, ie. 30bn current NHS pollution cost of which 24bn could be realistically saved, including disbanding corrupt committees/quangos. Invalidity benefit is now paid to 3% of population in parts of West Berkshire & North Hampshire relatively less polluted, compared with 20% Merthyr Tydfil& 40% above Port Talbot being more polluted areas, so scope for more savings.

Particle average sizes emitted from burning coal are alkaline PM5, heavy oils acidic PM2, orimulsion & waste mixes PM1. Only smaller than PM3 enters lungs. 90% of PM1 retained in lungs. Hence UK govt. only measures PM10 down to PM4 in monitors -totally irrelevant. At the new Grundon incinerators (Colnbrook) there will be no monitoring of PM2.5s, radioactivity or (after first year) dioxins. Power stations & oil refineries have unlimited emissions, cement works virtually the same, and incinerators unlimited PM2.5s, PM1s & PAHs at least. Even trains burn very substandard fuels, thanks to the Rail Regulator until 2011, without emission controls.

The only proper long-term study of health from incinerators was at St. Niklaas 2001 which was officially within EC directive but closed by court judge in court due to deaths & illnesses. Av. 12 years was taken off lifespan. Cancer incidence rose 480% on top of Belgian national increase. Slough had SMR 88 in 1990. After 5 years operation of Grundon's radioactive incinerator the SMR rose to 122 equal to 11 years off lifespan by 1995 and was again SMR121 in 2001. This meant a cull of population especially 50s.

Health effects result as expected around chimneys (2 miles) & downwind (highest rate 7miles per 100ft.chimney, total spread PM2.5s over 28 miles per 100ft., PM1s also cause dimming of sun. Health damage occurs within 3 mile of hazardous waste sites where for example incinerator flyash is dumped. One example is near Bishops Cleeve (Cheltenham) where radioactive flyash is dumped from Colnbrook & Bolton plus hazardous flyash from 3 other incinerators, without current liner, with cancer of ovary in two 30-year olds & another SADS victim noted recently.

PM2.5s set up inflammation in lungs, which are handled by macrophages & T-Lymphocytes. Excess or insoluble items walled off (fibrosis leading to COPD) soluble items travel via bloodstream. PAHs & heavy metals are amongst worst affecting heart & causing mutations of DNA leading to increase in birth defects and cancers. COPD now common in women.


Birth defects ---terminations, live defects, miscarriages. See McMaster experiment 2004 . 

Premature deaths of babies, infants and adults incl.stillbirths. 

T-lymphocyte diversion/depletion causes SIDS, cot deaths, autism, MS, AIDS, GBS 

Attention Deficit Disorder & Behaviour problems.

Lower IQ & educational achievement eg 1or 2 classes down, worse GCSE grades.

Asthma, COPD, viral & other respiratory or other infections (85% younger boys) 

Coronary artery disease, heart attacks, arteriosclerosis, strokes, SADS 

Diabetes 2 (and sometimes diabetes 1) - massive rise in UK under tong. 

Multiple chemical sensitivity with allergies and arthritis.

ME (gasses affect P450 & T-lymphocytc diversion) and CFS

Clinical depression. (9x rise Pembs), suicides, apathy., part of obesity problem. 

Hypothyroidism (part of obesity problem)

Endometriosis & other hormones disrupted.

Cancers - leukaemias, non-odgkins lymphoma, brain, breast, colon, lung, bladder, kidney, liver. For childhood cancers see Knox report Jan 2005 and Perera et.al report July 2004. Cancer incidence has reached some 80% of deaths in Pembroke downwind of oil complex. 

Analysis of just birth defects, premature deaths all ages, childhood asthma, COPD, diabetes, suicides, heart attacks & cancers in Telford 2005 proved only worst wards had high pollution.


Campaign & pray for revival with return of morality.

Take selected public health directors to GMC for breaches of duties & fraud. 

Move house to less polluted zone. (Would it were possible!)

Install HEPA filter in home. Some may like Airoma diffuser (reduces PM1s) 

Avoid pesticides and fluoridated water as much as possible as cocktail effects. 

Take added selenium, zinc, coenzyme Q10 and vitamins C.

Public Health directors have orders from the GMC to protect the public, know their subject, keep up to date, listen to and be prepared to justify every sentence of all documents signed by them.    The public health director at "XX" like many of his fellow directors are in breach of each of these rules, instead signing warrants for unlawful killing.

Dr Dick van Steenis.


 Dr van Steenis is a renowned British pollution expert who has spoken at numerous international conferences both here and abroad.   As usual, he is prepared to support all statement made in this article wiith numerous references.   

The views expressed are his own.

He may be contacted at <vsteenis@waitrose.com> or by telephone through the countrydoctor office.





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